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Frequently asked questions


What is Les Terrasses de Chantenay?
Les Terrasses de Chantenay is an upmarket assisted living residence situated in Beau Plan Smart City Mauritius. The development comprises of apartments and a Care Centre.
Who is the developer and manager?
The developer is Senior Homes Ltd. Senior Homes has already successfully developed Les Jardins De Chantenay and is the manager there.


How many different sizes of apartments are there?
There are three different sizes of apartments: the one bedroom, the one bedroom + and the two bedrooms flat in different versions. Parking will be available for the residents.
Will the apartments be furnished?
The apartments will be equipped with a kitchenette without appliances; a fully equipped bathroom, a dressing cupboard and floor covering. The residents have to furnish their apartments so as to feel at home.
Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the interior and exterior of Units?
The maintenance of both private and public areas of the building is the responsibility of the landlord and will be included in the levy.
What will happen in the event of power outages?
The residence will have a generator which will kick in immediately if power supply is interrupted.
Does each apartment have an effective emergency call system?
Yes, an emergency medical response service is available.
What security measures have been provided?
Access to the site by visitors and residents will be through a single access point. Staff will have their own entrance and will not be able to access the apartments when the resident is absent. A security guard will be on duty and the site will be monitored by CCTV.
Will there be air conditioning, TV aerials and satellite dishes?
All the apartments will be equipped with air conditioners. There will be central TV aerials and satellite dishes (Canal Sat. DSTV). The subscription will be individual and at the resident’s cost.


What facilities will there be at Les Terrasses de Chantenay?
The facilities include a resident's state of the art dining room, lounges, a gym, a praying room, a children's playground, a nice garden and a Care Centre for those needing more care and attention. These facilities constitute approximately 40% of the total cost of the development which has been factored into the prices of the apartments. Residents must therefore take these facilities into account when comparing Les Terrasses de Chantenay with other developments.
What services will be available?
There will be a nurse on site 24/7 and each apartment will be equipped with a call system for emergencies. Full board or ha lf board restauration facilities will be available. Laundry services, housekeeping, maintenance and most of the social activities are also included in the monthly levy. Any other services such as care services, hairdresser, massage, etc will be available upon request at an additional cost.
What level of care will be provided?
Upon your arrival at the residence, your Individualised Care Plan will be established and care provided accordingly, if needed.
Will my medical practitioner be able to visit?
The residence does not employ a full time medical doctor. Medical practitioners of your choice, but registered with the residence, can consult with patients in their apartments or at the nurse's station. This service will be charged directly to the resident.
What social activities will be provided?
Activities such as art classes, cards and chess games, outings, dancing, will be organised by the manager on a regular bas is and on special requests.


How will I be able to live at Les Terrasses de Chantenay?
You will be able to invest in a life right. A life right is paying for the right to live in a unit for the rest of your life, free of rent. The life right terminates with your life.
What are the advantages of a life right?
The developer retains the ownership, stays involved on an ongoing basis and applies their knowledge, experience and reputation. As there is no transfer of property, the registration costs attached to the right are less than would apply on a normal purchase of property.
Will I be able to cancel my life right if I have to move out of the residence?
Yes, you will be able to terminate the agreement if you decide.
What happens on termination?
On termination of the life rights or on death of the occupant, the outgoing occupant or the estate receives a payback from the developer. The pay back will depend on the new occupation value of your unit.
Are there any registration costs?
The occupant will have to pay 1.65% of the value of the lea se to the Government, plus the notary fees.
Can apartments be subleted?
Yes, provided occupants are over 65 years old and approved by the landlord. It should be noted that the life right will be terminated with the life of the owner of the right and not of the sub lessee.
Can a family member finance a unit on behalf of their parents?
Yes, provided that the parents are over 65.
What levies are payable and what do they include?
The General Services charge covers the cost of managing the property and a service package, which includes around the clock nursing supervision, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance, some of the social activities, water and security. The half board, that is lunch and 2 snacks is compulsory and is charged as per the Catering Services Tariffs. Full board will be available for those who choose this option. Any additional service required such as Care Services, hair-dresser, physiotherapists etc will be billed separately.
What guarantees are there that levies will not be increased dramatically in the future?
General Services Levies will be capped at 5% or CPI (consumer price index) to cover the increase of operating costs.


Are pets permitted?
Unfortunately, no pets will be permitted. However, the residence might have its own pets.
What are the regulations regarding smoking?
No smoking will be permitted in common areas. Smoking in apartments is a personal choice.
Will I be able to cook in my apartment?
Each apartment will be equipped with a kitchenette but no hot plate will be allowed for security purposes.
What about my grandchildren? Will they be permitted to stay with me?
Regular visits of the family are permitted and encouraged. A play area for children with playground equipment will be set in the garden.
May I have my friends/family stay with me and are there any conditions governing their stay?
Les Terrasses de Chantenay is your home and visitors are welcome for short stays. However, for security purposes management must be advised and procedures respected. Meals for relatives can also be organised in the dining room or delivered to your apartment with prior notice.
When should I consider moving into an assisted living residence?
As a general rule, most people in assisted living residence s require a secure "lock-and-go" living environment. While some retirees, due to health reasons, may require care services, most are still active and live normal lifestyles. Some owners lease their apartments in advance of actual retirement and use them as investment for the time when they are ready to move.
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